Instrument Panel Overhaul

Last weekends project was re-opening the dash to fix all of the instrument panel lights, and figure out why the fuel gauge was stuck.

Using the service manuals I was able to verify the resistance at the tank, and was able to test it at the wiring harness. So the problem seemed to be the gauge itself.

I rigged up some leads to a 12v DC power supply and tested running a current through the gauge, I managed to make it move, so I figured I'd try putting everything back together and see if it works.


I replaced all thirteen lamps in the instrument panel, and discovered one defective socket.  Luckily my parts store had one of the sockets in stock.

I re-assembled everything, and then took a victory ride, with some pictures along the way at my favorite spot to show off the updated rims and tires.

So far so good with the fuel gauge.